Easy stream is an application , that is perfectly designed for Playout Centers.
It is giving the easy opportunity to send their signals from a local studio directly to the main Location via metro Ethernet.
It makes the way between local and main facilities shorter, faster and saving al the additional Expenses.

• HD and SD MPEG-2, H264 Video Codec, MPEG II Audio Layer2 and AAC Audio Codec
• MPEG TS Unicast Stream Support
• RTP/RTMP/UDP Streaming Support
• Multiple Audio Stream Service in a single Transport Stream
• Record the stream output to file.
• Remote control of server, Client Server based.
• ATSC/DVB Standard MPEG TS output.
• Multiplexer statistics and information.
• Back-up working with Easy NetControl.
Operating System
- Windows Vista, SP1, 7, 32-Bit & 64 bit
- Windows XP, SP3, 32-Bit & 64 bit
- Windows Server 2003, SP4, 32-Bit & 64 bit
Minimum Ram
1 GB Ram

Recommended Ram
2 GB Ram
Minimum CPU
Intel P4 2.5 CPU

Recommended CPU
Intel Core2 Quad
Video Graphics Card
Minimum Video Graphics Card
256 MB Video Memory

Recommended Video Grapphics Card
512 MB Video Memory
Net Framework 4.0, SP1
You should install .Net Framework 4.0 with SP1 before the Easy Stream installation.