Easy NetControl can control Easy OnAir, Easy CG, Easy Ingest, Easy Stream
All together or single by single.

Easy Net Control is the software, that manages, control and automate all the processes and modules from Easy Media Suite Portfolio.
Via it you can control, manage single channel or multi channels remotely.
Everybody are speaking for full automation, but what real automation means saving from investment, saving from employees, this is what Easy Net Control will do.
Except managing many channels from one person, you will also sleep good, because for every fails or change in the system you will receive an email - warning you.
Multiple Client Control
Multiple Easy OnAir, Easy CG, Easy Ingest and Easy Stream can be controlled from one computer over network.
Can help to build redundant Playout or Stream Encoders or Ingest Servers
M+N Back-up
Can help to build m+n back-up for playout,
ingest and stream encoder servers.
Matrix Router
Can control Matrix Router
Transfering media files to local drive
Can transfer files from storage to local drive automatically ( for Playout )
Support 3rth party traffic systems
3rth party traffic systems can integrate to Easy OnAir with the help of NetControl
Subtitle systems integration
Easy OnAir and DVB Subtitle systems integration is available.
Interaction with Easy Playlist Editor
Easy Playlist Editors are interact with Easy NetControl so it helps
to integrate with Playout and Playlist updated.
Email notification for emergency
Sending email at emergency cases.
Can extendable with Easy Media Suite and 3rth party applications.