Easy Multiview is a software-only* application that allows users to view and control multiple remote systems from a single desktop.
You can view any common source-IP, Analogue or SDI Any source IP, Analog or SDI. You can view them or record, depend on your needs.
It doesn’t matter if you need to view single or multichannel, the quality of the picture and the flexibility of the Product, is giving you the perfect idea, what is on Air.

• RTP/RTMP/UDP/RTSP Network sources can Record and Shown at Multiview Output.
• MPTS or SPTS streams can accept as source
• Multiple Audio Stream Services can accept and decode to multiview.
• HD / SD SDI, Analog, HDMI Source can used.
• Mixed sources can show or record at the same time.
• Weather Forecast and Clock ( Different Times can show at the same time ) seen at multiview
• 1-2-4 Monitor can used as output.
• 9-11 or any other view matrix can be set on screen.
• Server-Client based topology.
• Auto-restart of settings with restart.
• Can be controlled over mobile devices.