Easy Ingest is professional ingest software with live video and audio source. It records in high resolution and high quality. It fulfils your video and audio ingest requirements with its easy, reliable and stable structure.

Not only you can get high definition (HD) records but also you can get standard definition (SD) and low resolution (CIF) records. It provides support for commonly used encoding formats.

The product provides speed and facility with its friendly user interface. It supplies record security by taking steps for shooting or lessening probable system troubles. It gives ease of use by multiple-format live encoding, streaming and independent controlling records.

In case of setting up ingest stations, with Easy Ingest Monitoring software all ingest stations can be controlled and monitored with single centre.

Easy Ingest is easy, reliable and stable software which is the part of Easy Media Suite and you can use it for your video and audio ingest works fondly.
Two Different Format and One Stream
You can stream via network and get record from one source with two different formats at the same time. You can use commonly used formats Windows Media Video and Audio (HD/SD), MPEG 1/2 (HD/SD), DV, DVCPro25/50 (HD/SD), H264 (SD).
High Definition (HD) Ingest
You can get HD record from video input cards supporting HD input and being supported by Easy Ingest.
Independent Control
With two normal records and one stream, three processes can be controlled independently. While one process is continuing, you can start/stop the other one or you can change their settings. Furthermore you can control two records simultaneously.
Frame Accurate File Split
With its shared memory structure, in the split of record files automatically there won’t be any loss of video frames.
Automatic Naming File/Folder and File Split
Record files can be split according to specified duration. The names of files and folders can be given parametrically.
Multiple Storage Discs for each Record
There can be need of multiple storage discs in the long-term ingest archiving. From these discs, you can create a disc list for each record. Easy Ingest passes the other disc when the space is finished and it continues to record.
Graphics & Text Overlay
A picture, a logo, a text, a date, a time-code and a clock can be overlaid on video in stream, records and preview. These graphic objects’ input, output and time can be adjusted.
Scheduled Ingest
Time planning for records and stream can be done. In file records, for every time period file and folder naming can be given separately. In streaming, stream format can be changed.
Status Indicators
There are indicators about record, stream, network, disc, CPU, RAM, and file transfer. The order and count of these indicators can be changed according to need.
Automatic File Transfer, Copy and Delete
Saved files can be transferred or copied to one or more than one network disc automatically.
The recorded files can be deleted automatically, if it is required according to identified criteria.
Script Running
Recorded files and streaming can be integrated to other systems. For this, external files can be run before and after the record. To these applications, some preset parameters can be transferred by Easy Ingest.
Determining Alternate Disc
In the case of any trouble on the disc over local or network for continuing the record, you can determine an alternate disc. When there is a problem on disc or network, it can automatically start to record to alternate disc. Easy Ingest continues to record to normal disc when the problem solved.
Remote Access and Control
Easy Ingest can be monitored and controlled over network via Easy Ingest Monitoring. The requirements of basic control such as; starting, stopping, adjusting existing setups and fixing format can be done by the monitoring software.
Other Features
- User friendly interface
- Forming and editing different ingest projects
- Rapid access to last saved 10 files
- Reporting
- Customization in user interface
- Forming and editing different encode and stream set-ups
- Two different pre-view as mini and normal
- Retention of interface setups
Chosen For Different Purposes in Different Sectors
A- Broadcast
- Archiving
- Editing
- Streaming
- Recording
B- Media Monitoring
- Media Archiving
- Media Streaming
- Water-Marking
C- Production
- Editing
- Archiving
-Water Marking
Supported Video Input Cards
Blackmagic Design :
- DeckLink Family Cards.

Aja Video Systems:
- Xena Family Cards.

Digital-Rapids :
- DRC Stream Family Cards

ViewCast :
- Osprey Family Cards.
Supported Video and Audio Inputs
Easy Ingest can capture HD or SD via SDI or Analog inputs of video hardware. Here you can see the supported video and audio inputs, these could be change according to used video hardware.

Video Inputs

- HD Component ( Y, B-Y, R-Y )
- SD Component ( Y, B-Y, R-Y )
- Composite ( Y )
- S-Video

Audio Inputs

- SDI Embedded Audio
- Analog
Operating System
- Windows Vista, SP1, 32-Bit
- Windows XP, SP3, 32-Bit
- Windows Server 2003, SP4, 32-Bit
Video Input Card
You should choose a video hardware, these are;
- Black Magic Decklink
- Aja Xena
- Digital Rapids
- Viewcast Osprey
Audio Hardware
You need an audio hardware to get output of the ingested video and audio files.
Minimum Ram
1 GB Ram

Recommended Ram
2 GB Ram
Minimum CPU
Intel P4 2.5 CPU

Recommended CPU
Intel Core2 Quad
Video Grapphics Card
Minimum Video Grapphics Card
256 MB Video Memory

Recommended Video Grapphics Card
512 MB Video Memory
Net Framework 3.5, SP1
You should install .Net Framework 3.5 with SP1 before the Easy Ingest installation.
Hard Drive
You need 25 MB free space to install the program. in order to capture video, you need more free space on disk. We advice you to use seperate disks for capture destination for video and system disk.