Easy to Use Live CG Solution for Broadcast , Post Pruduction and Web TV
Easy CG, broadcast quality live graphics solution, is used for creating, displaying and controlling of different multimedia graphics. Graphics can be overlaid on live video in the system input/output as real time, or it gives output signal as Key and Field.
Broadcast Quality Live Chroma Key Solution
Easy Chroma-Keyer is a live video keyer solution of Easy Media Suite. User friendly interface and broadcast quality is met in Easy Chroma-Keyer. Beside selection of the key color and refine of mat, also combining of backround image or video with foreground video is very easy. Finally you can get 6 different output as keyed.
Flexible HD/SD Live, IP and Network AV Recorder
Easy Ingest is professional ingest software with live video and audio source. It records in high resolution and high quality. It fulfils your video and audio ingest requirements with its easy, reliable and stable structure.
Record Multi Channel Streams in one System
Easy IP Recorder is an application that records a video stream to a disk directly in its original format. It supports Advanced Stream Format and MPEG Transport Stream. Multiple recording can be done simultaneously.
Powerful media asset management platform
Easy MAM is an affordable and scalable Solution, that provides all the necessary tools to help the user to manage, organise and specify all of his files.
Easy MAM is fully integrated with all EMS Solution, which makes the Process of transcoding, quality check, manage, play and brand the Channel only in few clicks.
Aggregate a number of independent transport streams
Just imagine, that you want to view every camera in your facility separately , when they are located in an office, that is not on the same
location, like you are, and you have only one network available, then you can encode with Easy MultiStream and convert them to a bucket
stream and you can check the camera outputs one by one.
View and control multiple remote systems from a single desktop
Easy Multiview is a software-only* application that allows users to view and control multiple remote systems from a single desktop.
You can view any common source-IP, Analogue or SDI Any source IP, Analog or SDI. You can view them or record, depend on your needs.
It doesn’t matter if you need to view single or multichannel, the quality of the picture and the flexibility of the Product, is giving you the perfect idea, what is on Air.
Easy to control All Playout & CG & Ingest Servers with Easy NetControl
Easy NetControl can control Easy OnAir, Easy CG, Easy Ingest, Easy Stream
All together or single by single.
HQ Playout Solution for Mixed Audio Video and Graphic Formats
Easy OnAir CG runs with the NTSC, PAL, HD, SD files on the same playlist. It gains the admiration of users because of its user-friendly interface and 24 /7 stable work.
Creating Playlists for Easy Onair
Easy Playlist Editor is an user friendly software, that helps the users to create quick playlists offline-single or multiple playlists.
It is full integrated with the EMS Automation (Easy Net Control, Easy MAM and Easy QC) which makes the process of going on Air-easy, fast, professional and totally automated. Playlists can be prepared as per different criteria and parameters that the customer set in our Easy Mam and Easy Traffic.
Software Live Stream Encoding Solution
Easy stream is an application , that is perfectly designed for Playout Centers.
It is giving the easy opportunity to send their signals from a local studio directly to the main Location via metro Ethernet.
It makes the way between local and main facilities shorter, faster and saving al the additional Expenses.