Mos Protocol
11/12/2014 7:11:29 PM
Mos Protocol <br> Supported

Now Easy OnAir is supporting MOS Protocol.
Easy OnAir is supporting now to work as mirror mode and also M+N backup via Mos Protocol.
Also News automation systems can be integrated with Easy OnAir via Mos Protocol.

As a latest improvements of Easy Media Suite Products;

Easy OnAir, Easy Ingest and Easy CG can be controlled via TCP/IP help of MOS Protocol.

GPI Triggers also supported, so Miranda Oliver SE3067 and similar Cue Tone Decoder systems can play Easy OnAir for Ad Insert operations.

With Easy Network Manager, any playout center can use Easy OnAir easyly. any number of playout which is integrated CG and Ingest can be controlled over 1 server.

Also if you want to use Playout as Mirror Mode, with Easy Network Manager you can use 2 or more server like 1 server.