Easy Media Suite Highlights a New Product at IBC 2014
8/19/2014 3:35:27 PM
Easy Media Suite Highlights a New Product at IBC 2014

Innovative CG Solution, specially designed for Middle East Broadcasters.

Easy CG Plus is a real-time graphics management product, ideal for
news, sport and commercially oriented TV channels, music shows, weather forecasts , religious Channels and more. Easy CG Plus is a professional solution providing high-quality graphics, realtime straightaway. NOW..NEXT.. LATER, Prayers time and any other info, that is specifically needed for Middle East viewers.

• Easy CG Plus is a graphics management product, designed to facilitate the entire newsroom broadcasting process now, next, later, commercials on live and any other customized graphics.
• Easy CG Plus utilizes previously exported graphical layouts from Easy CG. It provides options for editing and modifying the properties of each separate object, contained in the project.
• Easy CG Plus allows assignment of basic input or output effects to each graphical layout.
• Easy CG Plus provides possibilities for creating news or text lists, with customizable hotkeys that allow instant text insertion into a predefined graphical template. Content can be enabled or disabled for editing.
• Easy CG Plus provides options for quick logo insertion via predefined hotkeys previously assigned to the logo. Easy CG Plus can optionally show a preview via second hardware board output or on the workstation’s monitor.
• Easy CG Plus has a timeline and scheduler, allowing precise control of each object’s start time and duration.
• Easy CG Plus works with *.txt, *.xml and *xlsx files coming from third-party applications, like sms, chat, etc. The text objects in Easy CG Plus are developed to display text messages, coming from SMS service applications.
• Easy CG Plus comes with a powerful INTPB Integration module, allowing automated display of text information according to predefined conditions. The text information contained in the playlist of Easy CG Plus can be automatically displayed over the video output, displaying what is the program “now”, “next” and “later”.