EMS Easy OnAir4K
EMS Easy OnAir4K

Easy OnAir is a high-quality, professional, stable and reliable multiformat playout broadcast solution. Easy OnAir is designed for transmiting mixed audio, video and graphic formats, running with vast variety of standards such as PAL, NTSC, SD or HD resolutions in the same playlist. Developed with inovative technology in mind, Easy OnAir allows 4K (3840 x 2160) playout, gaining the admiration of users because of its user-friendly interface and 24/7 stable work.

Supported Formats: UHD 4K p2397, UHD 4K p24, UHD 4K p25, UHD 4K p2997, UHD 4K p30, UHD 4K p50, UHD 4K p5994, UHD 4K p60 DCI 4K p2397, DCI 4K p24, DCI 4K p25, DCI 4K p2997, DCI 4K p30, DCI 4K p50, DCI 4K p 5994, DCI 4K p60

Quad 1080P Output via Blufish
UHD 1080p single 12G output via Black Magic Decklink 12G
XAVC Codec Support
MultiFormat Supported Playout Automation
Timecode Output
Mirror Playout Automation Solution
With Netcontrol Application, M+N Backup and Master Slave Run
16 Ch Audio Support
Multi Stream Audio Support
User Friendly GUI
There are so many solutions, but EMS Easy OnAir has a user friendly GUI. Any user that dont know anyhing about the broadcasting can easyly use Easy OnAir.
Easy OnAir 4K is already used in real TV platform during 1,5 years. Turksat ( now they are broadcasting as TRT 4K ) already used playout and it is running without restart during 1,5 years.
EMS Easy OnAir is supporting Blufish and Black Magic Decklink.
if you need Quad 1080p output EMS Easy OnAir 4K can run with Blufish. if you need 12G 50p UHD single output, then Black Magic 12G Extreme is supported.
Automation Properties
EMS Easy OnAir, Easy CG, Easy Ingest, Easy Quality Check, Easy NetController, Easy Playlist Editor can help you to make a whole automation solution for your TV needs.
MOS Protocol Supporting
EMS Easy OnAir is now supporting MOS Protocol, so you can integrate with your News system.
Timecode Output
EMS Easy OnAir is supporting RP188 VITC and LTC Timecode outputs, also supporting VITC over Field Timecode outputs.
DVB Subtitle Support
EMS Easy OnAir is integrated with Starfish DBV Subtitle system.