Easy CG is an exceptional high-performance real-time broadcast graphics solution, designed to provide high quality broadcast multimedia graphics for wide range of customers, such as news channels, production studios, music channels, sport shows, weather forecasts and more!

Easy CG is a stable, flexible and integratable product, allowing unlimited layering and rendering of as many projects as required.

Easy CG allows multilingual support, including (but not limited to) Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Persian, Turkish and Cyrillic.

Easy CG comes with wide array of object support such as rolls, crawls, analogue and digital clocks, multi-layered animations with alpha channel, video files, basic geometric shapes (line, rectangle, circle, arc, polygon), etc.

On top of that, Easy CG runs collective text files or image files; it comes with powerful RSS recording module allowing automated loading of broadcast RSS data feeds from Internet with automated insertion of logos, images and animations. Dynamic data coming from text, folder, RSS or XML file can be linked to any crawl or roll item and it can be updated on-screen in real-time.

The Input/Output object-related effects, the specially incorporated Playlist and Scheduler modules are only a small part of the opportunities that come with Easy CG!